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Club Traditions

Naming Tradition

Liverpool FC America carries the namesake of the greatest soccer name in the world.  The history and heritage that surround Liverpool, England are embraced with dedication and devotion here “across the pond.”  The players that Liverpool has produced over their history, names like Shankly, Paisley, Hunt, St. John, Gerrard and many many more are remembered every day as our academy teams adopt a “legend’s” name by which they are distinguished.  Players learn, honor, and applaud their namesakes.
List of Liverpool Legends

Game Day Traditions

Liverpool has created a reverence for the English Premier League game day traditions by adopting three of the greatest ones.  Every game is marked with the Liverpool flag flown on the player’s sidelines.  After each match, the players show their respect and appreciation for the authority of the game with the referee giving a handshake, knuckle punch or high five.  And at the very end of the match, much like the EPL players, the final gesture of appreciation goes to the fans in the stands.  With a slow jog across the field, the team applauds their families, showing their appreciation for their support and efforts made to attend the game.

Traditions Banquet

Liverpool is very excited about this new event and believes it will add a tremendous way we can recognize the gifts our athletes, coaches and families give to Liverpool through their dedication, support and willingness to give of themselves to the betterment of the club.  Liverpool believes every athlete, every family, every parent, every coach matters a great deal.  Each year, there are those members of the Liverpool family that go above and beyond in their efforts and accomplishments to better the club.  We are looking forward to recognizing and celebrating the year of soccer accomplishments and successes with awards for Coach of the Year, Rookie Coach of the Year, Parents of the Year, Player of the Year and more.