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Core Principles of Liverpool FC International Academy America

I. Pillar One- Club of Character: 

Liverpool is a club of character. Character is defined as "building excellence through specific standards of behavior exhibited at all times as well as beliefs rooted deeply in the heart of any organization." The culture of Liverpool FC America can be found in our expectations for all staff, coaches, athletes and parents; to act with honesty, integrity, dedication, inspiration, intelligence, understanding, courage, plain-spoken truths, vision, and the willingness and ability to help achieve the dreams of our athletes. At Liverpool FC America, we do not command excellence, we build it.


II. Pillar Two- A Continuous Turn Towards Quality:

Quality by definition is identified as a standard to which all others are compared. The quality of our play, our teams, our training and our athletes is a reflection of our dedication to excellence, and serves as a constant compass for the development of our athletes. Liverpool’s vision for success creates programs and avenues that promote, drive and develop our teams. It is a relentless pursuit of perfection, determination, and expectations to realize the potential within every athlete and a solution for every obstacle that stands in the way. This turn towards quality is a continuous turn that never stops. The purpose of Liverpool FC America is be the best youth soccer club in the nation by building "The Liverpool Way" throughout the organization, focusing on unity, purpose, family and ambition.  The continuous turn towards quality must be found in everything we do from our facilities,to our training to the culture and within every part of the support network around our athletes and our families. 


III. Pillar Three- The Tradition

In the game of soccer, Liverpool is legend. Over the course of more than 100 years, Liverpool has undoubtedly produced many of the greatest athletes, managers and stories ever seen or told. Names like Shankly, Paisley, Dalglish, Gerrard, Melia, Callaghan, St John and more grace the plaques and cups in the trophy room at Anfield. Revered for its fierce pride, distinctive culture, and absolute winning style, the traditions of Liverpool inspire Liverpool FC America today. Determined to echo the fundamental principles that Liverpool is known for, such as the “pass and move” philosophies on the field as well as deeply rooted pride off the field, ties to Liverpool live not only on paper, but in the honor and heritage we feel here in Texas. Liverpool is more than a name; it is a spirit within our athletes. They are proud to echo the famous chorus heard here throughout Anfield on gameday- "You'll Never Walk Alone."