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Little Reds Foundation Program

Little Reds Foundation Program

Little Reds Foundation Program

LFC Little Red Soccer Program

Soccer has made great strides over the last 15 years especially at the Youth level. It has evolved in many areas of the U.S. Here at LFC we will provide and create a pathway for young players to grow and develop in a fun and professional environment and LFC is an ideal setting for this. LFC Little reds staff will be highly qualified and will provide great development these coaches will make a huge impact and become a big part of the development of future players at a much earlier age. LFC staff will offer high quality and consistent training throughout the year to enhance the product and retain players.

Program Overview Game -

U5 and U6 B&G

Here at LFC Little reds we will be playing 3v3 at this age , The staff are strongly in favor of what each player can learn from 3V3 through the understanding of this formation with little direction ( Guided discovery ) we will have kick-ins as a restart from any point on the field. LFCIA staff will also work closely with parent volunteers that will help in Game Day management as we feel at LFC it is important to help create a level of competence and understanding for the basic methods of coaching.

LFCIA are sensitive to these volunteers who are putting a footprint down for future LFC players to follow. Plus we create a mind set that in order to coach through various age groups coaching education is of the up-most importance.

U7/U8 Boys & Girls

At this age 5v5 will be played introducing a Goal Keeper role into the developmental stage . By creating G.K at an earlier age we feel it would not only make our G.K better but most importantly dilute the stigma of playing between the sticks, Allowing players to be exposed to this very important role within the game at an earlier age will enhance the G.K position.

Playing 5v5 at these age groups will allow more playing time for each individual it will also allow a diamond formation which is a key part of development in a individuals building blocks.


Program overview


Foundation Phase 2 - 12 Weeks - Monday January 21st - Friday April 12th.

Cost $295.00


Training Nights

U5/U6 U7/U8 Boys & Girls

Individual players are recommended to attend 2 sessions every week a full practice session will be 1 hour long and it will be conducted by a fully qualified LFCIA coach. These sessions will have a start –middle – end – progression ( LFC curriculum ) and will be based on a theme from one week to the next. All sessions conducted will have 10-12 players in each session.

Session Theme : Passing and Receiving. 500 touches

Start : Technical warm up, each player with a ball ( 20 Mins ).

Middle: Passing and Receiving with different surfaces of the feet ( 15 mins ).

End: Finish off with a SSG, theme in the game working on passing and receiving ( 20 Mins ).

G.K will be a big part of this program and trainers will teach basic catching within the session ( Per Director of G.K ).

Training Format

There will be a set format regarding training nights at the Main Training centre, fully implement a first class program, this in-turn will allow us to maximize our staff for both sessions.

Monday Evening: 6.00pm - 7.00pm.

U5/U6 - Boys & Girls.

U7/U8 Boys & Girls.

Friday Evening Session.

Start time - 6.00pm - 7.15pm - U5/U6 Boys & Girls.

Start Time - 6.00pm - 7.30pm - U7/U8 Boys & Girls.


Liverpool FC- Curriculum

LFC will offer a top-notch curriculum to all players, LFC will provide a full session that has a theme from one week to the next, this will be implemented within the session every week to all age groups.

Week 1 – Passing and receiving. SSG.

Week 2 – Dribbling and turns. SSG.

Week 3 – Passing,receiving,dribbling and turns. SSG.

Week 4 – Skills night, Inside cut, outside cut, drag back, drag back round the corner. SSG.

Week 5 – SSG, ( Guided Discovery within the games ).

Week 6 – Passing and Receiving.

Week 7 – Dribbling and Turns. SSG.

Week 8 – Passing,receiving,dribbling and turns. SSG.

Week 9 – Skills night, inside cut,outside cut, drag back, drag back round the corner, SSG.

Week 10 – SSG ( Guided Discovery within games ). Create a Champions League week 1

Week 11 – SSG. Champions League Week 2

Week 12 – SSG. Champions League Week 3

This will create a foundation for each player, enabling them to go on and play the game in the right manner, it will also elevate the standard of play.